Magnetic Nail Academy

Magnetic Nail Academy Tuzla is a part of a Dutch Magnetic Nail Academy lead by Amela Jahić, Magnetic Expert Trainer in the field of nails. Magnetic rose up after Mey Liang's thirty years of experience who founded and owns the company. The results of her experiance are quality lasting products which are constantly upgraded and new products are added. Magnetic Nail Academy is a place where you can get the highest quality level of education which is passed on to you by certified Magnetic Trainers. Education in Magnetic Nail Academy in Tuzla is run by standards and licence which was made by the main academy in the Netherlands. This is the first academy in Bosnia and Hercegovina for nail extensions, manicure and pedicure which is recognized by the Tuzla Canton Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports, and all participants who finish the education are granted a certificate which is valid in the employment record and they can open their own nail studio.


Mey Liang
Founder and owner of Magnetic Brand

Ingeborg Mensonides
World Magnetic Trainer

Pepyn Borrel
World Magnetic Trainer

Natalia Gritsenko
International Magentic Trainer and an Ambassador for the Russian region

Jelena Relić
International Magnetic Trainer and an Ambasador for the Balkan region

Kateryna Gonchar
Internarional Magnetic Trainer

Amela Jahić
Magnetic Expert Trainer


The educations available at te academy are based on your own knowledge and interests:

-Two month education in the field of nail force, nail sickness and nail structure, nail extensions with gel and acrylic technique, nail art spill, manicure, pedicure and nail art.
-Fiberglass technique
-Basic nail art
-Splashing nail art
-One stroke nail art
-Abstract nail art
-Aquarel nail art
-Trendy oblici(stiletto,pipe,bridge,modern almond)

For all the educations you can register via e-mail or phone

Fill in the online querry formular for the 2 month education
or any education you're interested in:

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